Extraordinary WordPress Hosting

Full service setup with fanatic step-by-step support throughout.

Fully Managed Hosting

We specialize in WordPress, business critical sites, eCommerce, blogs, and handling traffic growth.

Ultra Fast

Speed matters. Just ask Google, Moz SEO, and Amazon. Your site has a dedicated server - not shared nor overcrowded. Quick SSD hard drives for optimal performance, the fastest VPS hardware in the market, and top tier networking infrastructure with multiple levels of redundancy. We optimize all page loads unlike our competitors.

Reliable & Secure

Tired of never ending downtime or "maintenance"? We take prudent measures to ensure your site stays online. Proactive web application security, robust firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and real-time monitoring. Cutting edge up to date technology stacks to keep your site safe. Each site is optimized for maximum reliability.

White Glove Service

You will work directly with an all-star team who can answer questions and led you directly to solutions the first time. You won't get bounced around. Here to assist you along the way, whether your just starting out, blogging, eCommerce, or scaling your online business for growth. Consider us trusted success partners!

Success Stories

Hearing how we've solved pain points, catapulted sites, and accelerated businesses is infinitely rewarding.

Our site is blisteringly fast compared to our previous host. We wholeheartedly recommend Press Captain to anyone looking for high performance, reliable hosting with excellent support.

image Martin Reed Community Manager

The number one thing I look for in help with development and hosting is someone I can trust. Been helping me for years and is kind, quick, and efficient - which is a killer combo.

image Adam Baker Entrepreneur

Shoutout for SAVING my blog this weekend! HIGHLY recommend if you need a new hosting site for your blog! So fast It's awesome. Can't wait to work with you for the long term.

image Kaila Proulx Fitness/Nutrition Blogger

Ready. Set. Go.

Premium hosting packages starting at $45/mo backed by our 60 day money-back guarantee. Have an existing site? Sit back during our seamless managed site transfer + upgrade.

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Unparalleled Experience

End headaches today. Let us manage the technology foundation, while you can focus full attention on your site.

15 Hosting Locations

Traffic enhancement with fast servers nearest to your visitors and customers. Selectively distribute your portfolio of sites across hosting locations for diversification.

On Page Optimization

Boost SEO and satisfaction. Improve page load speeds across all devices, including mobile, with automatic JPEG optimization. No plugin required.

Built for Speed

We optimize from top to bottom including: robust application level caching, HTTP2, powered by fast modern hardware. We know you'll LOVE the experience.

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Restriction Free

We do not restrict which plugins you can install (as long as they don't impact performance, stability, and security). We do also offer vetted suggestions.

Staging Environment

Your playground to experiment. Need to try out a new feature, plugin, or theme? Test it out first in an entirely independent WordPress testing environment.

Reduce Maintenance

WordPress is no longer a burden to maintain. We secure your site. Fully configurable (optional) automatic plugin updates to make sure your site remains secure and future proof.

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Premium hosting packages starting at $45/mo. Your site is backed by our 60 day money-back guarantee. Zero technical setup required.

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