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Press Captain provided a great service right from the offset. Rescued me from a previous host who were unable to stop my site crashing during traffic growth - this cost me business and money. But Press Captain soon had my site working better than ever and made all the necessary changes to ensure it can handle sudden traffic growth.

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We specialize in non-shared WordPress hosting for business sites, blogs, LMS, and eCommerce.

Consistently Fast

Your site has a dedicated server to prosper - not shared or overcrowded. The latest infrastructure built and tuned for elite performance. We optimize all pages unlike competitors.


Stop losing valuable time, traffic, customers and business due to erratic service. We take prudent measures to keep your site online. Your site is monitored and secured 24/7/365.


Let us implement or lead you directly to solutions the first time. You won't find support runarounds here. Consider us trusted partners ready to assist. Are you ready for refreshing support experiences?

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Get $450/mo worth of value, in a $99/mo white-glove service

No fees, overages, contracts, or unexpected annual plan increases.
Have an existing site? Our seamless site upgrade is fully managed for you.

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Hosting sites should just work, period. That's the great thing about Press Captain, a turnkey solution that solved all my previous website hosting headaches. I run four business sites and two personal sites on Press Captain with virtually 100% uptime. They've won me over for the long term.

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Why Customers Love Us

End hosting headaches today. Let us proactively monitor and stabilize your site to unleash its full potential.

15 Hosting Locations

Traffic enhancement with faster servers nearest to your visitors and customers. Selectively distribute your portfolio of sites across cloud locations for diversification.

On Page Optimization

Boost SEO and satisfaction. Improve page load speeds across all devices, including mobile, with automatic JPEG optimization. No plugin required.

Restriction Free

We do not restrict which plugins you can install (as long as they don't impact performance, stability, and security). We do also offer vetted suggestions.

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Built for Speed

We optimize from top to bottom including: robust application level caching, strategic CDN enhancements, and faster SSL with HTTP2. We know you'll LOVE the experience.

Staging Environment

Your playground to experiment. Need to try out a new feature, plugin, or theme? Test it out first in an entirely independent WordPress testing environment you can break.

Reduce Maintenance

WordPress is no longer a burden to maintain. We actively secure and monitor your site. Fully configurable (optional) automatic plugin updates are possible too.

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Your site is backed by our 60 day money-back guarantee. Zero technical setup required as we can move everything seamlessly on your behalf.

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Our site is blisteringly fast compared to our previous host. Press Captain support is fanatical, comprehensive, and attentive - and our hosting bill is less than before. We wholeheartedly recommend Press Captain to anyone looking for high performance, reliable hosting with excellent support.

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