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Competitors have policies of charging based on pageviews which we believe unfairly penalizes the customer for their success. Additionally, in house WordPress experts are ready to assist along the way. You have direct access to our engineers who can swiftly resolve requests and answer questions. Our philosophy is to resolve root causes hindering performance rather than throwing extra hardware at the problem (competitors often push plan "upgrades"). We've partnered with top cloud (data center) infrastructure providers to architect premium virtual private servers sculpted for WordPress. We optimize your entire site for the specifics of your site (blog, eCommerce, web site, course, etc) and not based on a predefined one-size-fits-all implementation. Expect all pages to be more responsive for visitors AND your team members working behind the scenes in WordPress. Partner with us for stable hosting to unleash revenue potential, boost SEO, and enhance your overall experience.
Our resiliency and stability is top notch as we are not operating overcrowded hosting environments. We can also balance your sites to eliminate the chance of what we see with our competitors - "all our sites" are down. Put sluggish shared wordpress hosting in the rear view mirror. You will receive exclusive (not shared) processing power, memory, and storage space for your WordPress site. Our competitors typically run dozens, if not hundreds, of sites from each shared server and IP address all competing for capacity. These hosts do not make your site's performance and reliability their top priority. No other customer can indirectly slow your site down. We allocate dedicated server capacity for EACH site to ensure its always ready to perform. Shared providers typically tout their caching but exhibit crawling backend performance (wp-admin) due to overselling underlying resources. There are also numerous security benefits of having your own IP address.
We never charge for consumption of your site based on number of visitors or page views. One of the many perks of having a dedicated server for your site. Our competitors charge overages because your site sits in a crowded pool.
After you place an order, we will provide step by step requirements for moving your site over. The two mandatory components are a zip file containing your "wp-content" directory (plugins, themes, file uploads) and a backup copy of your WordPress database. We orchestrate the entire process to eliminate any down time. Expect us to fully manage your migration/upgrade and guide you the entire way.
We provide greater than 99.99% uptime which significantly exceeds industry standards. We built the platform from the ground up leveraging resilient technology. We don't require any long, or unexpected maintenance periods, that last for hours (or days) like our competitors. We proactively keep your server safeguarded by applying security patches in seconds ... not minutes or hours.
USA: Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami, New Jersey, New York City, San Francisco, and Seattle.
Europe: Amsterdam, Frankfurt, London, and Paris.
Just Added: Sydney Australia and Toronto Canada.
Our engineering team will commence building your server moments after your order is placed. Your site will be fully launched and ready within 30 minutes. You will receive a timely notification when you can login to your WP site.

Case Study

We know you'll really enjoy our solutions and reliability. Here's some recent love for Press Captain.

We moved to Press Captain after a torrid time with a host that is regularly recommended for WordPress hosting. Our BuddyPress site was agonizingly slow, frequently stopped responding, and we were losing members as a result. Their support staff did not (or could not) explain why our site was performing so poorly. Instead, they told us to disable an ever-increasing amount of WordPress functionality, block search engine spiders, and add additional RAM and CPU cores to our server - which we did.

As our hosting bill skyrocketed, reliability and performance did not improve. As soon as we contacted Press Captain, we were confident our site could recover. He took care of the migration and the difference in performance was night and day. Our site is blisteringly fast compared to our previous host. Press Captain support is fanatical, comprehensive, and attentive - and our hosting bill is less than what we paid before.

We wholeheartedly recommend Press Captain to anyone looking for high performance, reliable hosting with excellent support.

image Martin Reed Community Manager

Optimized Throughout

  • Guaranteed site resources with your performance private virtual server. See the high traffic results in the screenshot.
  • ZERO overage charges for page views. No limits on number of daily visitors either.
  • Dedicated IP address. Improved IP reputation, security, & transactional email delivery.
  • Staging environment to safely verify changes and test out plugins.
  • Fast page loads for your team, visitors, and customers. We don't just optimize public pages like our competitors.
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